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Do Financial Planners Get Better Deals?

financial planners better deals

Do Financial Planners Get Better Deals?

Of course, there is no guarantee that a financial planner is going to get you a better deal than you can yourself, And anyone who claims to have some kind of magic trick to access the best deals is elevating their abilities.

Because what we do isn’t magic, it’s based on experience, combined with something far more boring – numbers. Often, the best deals are hiding in plain sight, they are the opportunities that others have overlooked due to inherent bias that may or may not be useful.

Always buy the worst house on the best street.

only by in areas you know

only purchase property if you are buying the land

some of these probably ring true, and the truth is that they are right – but only in certain cases. For example, sometimes the best house in the street is also the property with the most opportunity for short-term gain. By definition, there are more opportunities outside of areas that you know well, than in locations where you’ve lived and worked. And in many major cities, apartments are still realising extraordinary returns.

We can’t always find that perfect investment – one which matches up to all of your personal requirements – but through focusing on finding investment opportunities that make sense from a numbers standpoint, we aim to maximise returns using a more scientific ethos, not tainted by personal bias.

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